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This document collects answers to general questions about mySeaport.

Browser Support

mySeaport should work with all standards compliant browsers.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, & 8
  • FireFox 3.x for Windows & Mac
  • Safari 4 for Windows & Mac

When will we start using the new portal?

The new campus portal is live as of May 10, 2010.

What new features will be offered in the portal?

In designing this portal to best meet the needs of the campus community, we have obtained feedback from surveys and focus groups comprised of faculty, staff and students and have integrated this feedback into the look and feel of the new portal. Faculty, staff and students can access numerous academic and social features all from one place. You also will be able to personalize you new UNCW portal environment with the information and services needed for success at UNCW.

Is SeaPort going away?

SeaPort has be decommissioned and the address forwarded to the new portal.

Why does e-mail and other applications open in a new window?

E-mail and other applications open in new windows to allow for ease of getting back to the main portal, by just closing the applications window.

Is there anyway to have an application open in the current window?

Currently you cannot force an application to open in the current window.

I used SeaPort to share course materials with my classes. Will I be able to do this with the new portal?

Blackboard Vista is the UNCW course management system and should be used for class materials. Faculty should contact the Office of e-Learning 962-2953 or theTAC at 962-HELP to begin using Blackboard Vista.

How do I e-mail my class?

Course distribution groups are now available in Outlook. In the TO: line simply enter the course address (e.g.

When should I begin to revise Web pages and documentation referencing SeaPort to reference the new portal?

You can begin now to refresh your documentation to include the new portal name for materials that will be used in the spring 2010 semester.

How can I offer feedback on the new portal?

If you are interested in being part of a focus group or providing feedback on the portal, please send an e-mail to or We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Can I add my own RSS feeds, custom links, wikis, etc?

Currently the "myHome" section of the portal does not allow for personal customizations. However, your "myProfile" space does provide for personal customization. You can add and remove applications, google gadgets, RSS feeds, wikis, blogs, etc.

Can I add my own color scheme or themes

At this time you cannot change or select color color/themes. In the future, themes will be made available to choose from.

Why not Single-Sign-On into Banner

Single-sign-on into banner is not being allowed for security reasons. You must manually enter your banner credentials to access this system

Secure non Secure Popup

mySeaport sites are SSL enabled with the "https://" secure sockets instead of "http://". By default, the IE7 & IE8 browser notifies users of a non-secure content contained in a SSL https website. In the world of Web 2.0, content comes from mixed sources. There are sources of information that are shared and some of these sources do not support ssl (https). This mixing of sources triggers the default security settings in the browsers to generate this popup.

Have a question not asked and answered above?

Please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 910-962-HELP (4357) or

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